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        1. Tappan Zee Electrical Conduit Supports
          Projects -Tappan Zee Electrical Conduit Supports

          Tappan Zee Electrical Conduit Supports

          The first two girder sub-assembly has been completed at the Coeymans yard and the assembly has been moved over the water on it’s way to the New NY Bridge. County Fabricators fabricated and assembled approx. 50,000 LF / 2,000,000 LB of ladder-style electrical conduit supports for the Approach Spans of the New NY Bridge. These units were fabricated, galvanized, assembled in our yard and shipped to the Tappan Zee Constructors assembly yard in Coeymans, NY. Once in Coeymans, the conduit supports were populated with conduits and installed onto the main bridge girders to be shipped down to the bridge site for final installation. This project was completed over a 27 month period from early 2015 to early 2017.